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Our Technology

  • ValueID®
    ValueID®: ValueID® Era has arrived!
    • Everyone has only an Identity, but carries many Identifications
    • Identity is no longer for Security Checks ONLY
    • Identifications linking to Applications create Values, but not Identity
    • Achievements, Recognitions, Appreciations and Successes create True Values in Life
    • Innovative Digitalization and AI Revolution help Value Verification and Confirmation embedded securely on different Identifications owned by individual and unique identity
    • Value Centric Championship entails a Better, Safer and Happier World with Peace of Mind in every contributing Identity
    DioiD's ValueID® provides not only advanced and smart solutions for traditional ID enrollment and verification, we also provide innovative solutions for revolutionary contribution confirmation and recognition per identification being carried by any individual identity! For more details, please make an appointment with one of our ValueID® champions!
  • TalentID®
    Pain Points in Global Talent Market and Fierce Competitive Businesses:
    • Overall Remuneration and Welfare Costs increase Y2Y since decades
    • Satisfactory Level of Global Employers to Employees drops Y2Y
    • Challenges of Hiring, Training and Retention increase
    • Employees' confidence towards Employer decreases Y2Y
    • Globally, 26.6% of the workforce is actively seeking new jobs
    • The top 3 drivers of Attrition globally are Compensation, followed by Career Development Opportunities and People Conflicts
    • The top 3 drivers of Attraction remain Compensation, Work-life Balance and Career Stability
    • A total of 12 ISO management system standards worldwide for World Class Companies led by 62% of ISO9001, followed by 25% ISO14000, not to mention other standards mandatory in different industries
    • A total of 1,973,475 ISO companies worldwide being audited and accredited per year, of which ~30% are in China, followed by Countries in Asia (Japan and India) ~25% , Europe ~15% and Americas ~10%
    • An average of 1000 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) per ISO Certified Company
    • Poor SOP Writability, Readability, Accuracy and Updateability in common
    • Compliance Level of SOPs is poor in General before and after Audits
    • Challenges of Training and Re-Training increase
    • The top 3 disasters of ISO incompliance globally are Customer Complaints, Operating Costs (7 MUDA) Increase and Late Deliveries, entailing Business & Market Share Losses
    DioiD's TalentID® revolutionizes Talent Development towards World Class Performance Excellence through innovative online and offline training, coaching and recognition methodologies, whereby workforce and business owners will be the ultimate winners with very loyal and satisfied customers long term. With TalentID®, Talent Hurts and Job Hurts will be just a few clicks next to your coffee! For more details, please make an appointment with one of our TalentID® champions!
  • GemID®
    Key Trends for Global Gem Market:
    • Digital Technologies - Advanced Digital Technologies for Value Chain Security and Operations Efficiency Enhancements from Gem Miners to Retailers and for Marketing to deliver Superior Customer Trust and Experiences
    • Shifting Preferences to Generation Z – Purchase Decision for Generation Z incline to Hot KOL reviews and Experts “likes” on social media with Online Purchase Convenience and Security
    • Growth of Lab-grown Gems - Lab-grown Gems are fast growing with wide accessibility as fashion jewelry rather than luxury goods
    • Numerous Pain Points in Global Gem Market hindering the growth and diversification of the industry
    DioiD's GemID® revolutionizes and continuously improves all technologies spanning from Gem Analytics, Verification, Identification to Transactions. Please click our GemID® video for a brief understanding! For more details, please make an appointment with one of our GemID® champions!
  • BondID®
    Under Business Development and Highly Confidential! Please look forward to!
  • CareID®
    Under Business Development and Highly Confidential! Please look forward to!